Joe Almquist Tattoo

Booking will begin January 2024

Check for more updates.

Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed by me. Please fill out the form below if you’d like to be added to my waitlist. While my books are remaining open, demand for my work has exceeded my availability and I am now being more selective of the projects I take on. Once you have submitted a request you should hear from me within 48 hours if I will be taking on your tattoo. If I don't feel like I am a good fit, I will do my best to recommend another artist.

I am looking to do more large scale and one shot Japanese, American traditional designs like eagles, big cats and girl heads, and pet portraits. I will not be reworking or finishing other artist work.

My rate is $225/hour for new clients and I do have a $250 minimum. I also require a $100 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable but they will go towards the final tattoo price.

I don’t have an estimated wait time yet but am booking roughly 2 months at a time. I’m doing my best to get returning clients booked ahead of new clients. Once your number is up, the shop will send an email to you to go ahead and call the shop to get scheduled. Please respond quickly, waiting too long could result in losing your spot.

I am very appreciative of everyone who likes my work enough to want to be tattooed by me! Thank you for your support and patience!

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